Earthkeepers Brand Campaign

One of the many exciting things about the Timberland brand is their unwavering commitment to being green. Whether creating footwear and clothing from recycled materials, or reconstituting outdoor billboard wraps into totes, few companies place as much value in being socially responsible. So we were pretty stoked when Timberland asked us to participate in the Earthkeepers campaign.

The fun – and challenge – of the Earthkeepers effort was the breadth of audiences we were targeting. The products ranged from high-end footwear and clothing for the urban fashionista, to cross-trainers for the outdoor enthusiasts. It tests our creativity and ability to understand consumer nuances, but any opportunity to work with a green pursuit is a worthy notch in our brand’s legacy.

Who Says Being Green Isn't Fun

We did many online advertising campaigns for Timberland, as part of the Earthkeepers campaign and beyond, but the “tire swing” banner created the most hullabaloo during water bubbler conversations at Timberland. It is fun, nostalgic and a quick “read” for the few seconds online viewers will dedicate to banners. This simple concept was the perfect way to communicate how recycled materials are used to create Timberland footwear.
In our creative session we tasked ourselves with identifying all the unorthodox ways recycled tires are used. After all, Earthkeeper soles were made from recycled tires. Our favorite, as shown above, was the fun of the ol’ tire swing. In this banner, the swinging tire morphs off-screen into a fresh, clean Earthkeeper boot. What fun.

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