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For the fourth consecutive year, Double-0 was fortunate to collaborate with our friends Counterpart International on their annual report. We’ve had a long-standing partnership, having produced multitudes of print collateral ranging from corporate overview pieces, community social responsibility kits, fundraising brochures, internal staff communications, training tools, field office banners, trade show displays and much, much more.

This particular annual report highlighted six global projects including sustainable tourism development, women’s leadership training, programs to combat violence, a women’s voice in politics, and economic training programs for women. What became unique about the piece is it’s theme; Creating the Unexpected.

A Consistent Look & Feel

There are times when the outcome of a project is completely unanticipated. For instance, Counterpart developed a program in Ethiopia to grow tourism (which it did) and an unexpected outcome was the necessity for a series of HIV/AIDS education programs. It was discovered that Counterpart’s outreach lead to countless “by-products” benefitting thousands worldwide. As a result, the theme “Creating the Unexpected” emerged and our task became bringing the before and after states to life.
The theme became verbal icons and clues to trigger a readers attention, and direct a reader to the salient messaging in each country’s story. Project facts and results were an emphasis, in concise and simplistic fashion, to highlight key takeaways for readers. In addition to visual clues, stories relied heavily upon quotes from beneficiaries and people on the ground within these communities. Personal stories and personal achievements were a major element woven into project portrayals.

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