Market Street Talent

Gearing up for the trade show season

The staffing industry is notorious for building brands around stock photography that one can easily discern as “Anywhere Corporation USA” - Handsome young person in the foreground, arms crossed with that Smith Barney air of confidence, and the adoring entourage of slick minions in the background. It’s safe. And it’s tough to feel negatively about a nice smile. The problem... Every recruiting firm uses the same style of imagery and they all start to look the same.

When Market Street Talent approached us to assist them with their corporate identity, a new corporate website and trade show ensemble, we were pretty stoked. And when our mandate was to break out of the category box, we were more than excited. Rather than fall into the trap of the usual staffing photography, we asked ourselves “Why not break the mold and try an illustrated approach?”

We were struck by Market Street Talent’s mission to find cadidates who fit not just the job, but also fit the corporate culture and the internal team’s personality. That’s when our hero “fit man” was born. Yes, there is a fun play on “IT” (they’re IT recruiters after all) and he is an engaging moniker to highlight the company’s value proposition. Hopefully our hero’s cape isn’t too over the top.

Trade Show SWAG

Fit Man’s story in the corporate brochure was encapsulated on the back cover as you’ll see below. It seemed like a natural to leverage this fun visual and go viral with the icons. Eventually they found their way into other mediums, including these handy collectible pins. At first a simple, cost-effective solution for trade show giveaways, this series of "fit" pins became a conversation piece among show participants and a draw to the Market Street booth.

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