A La Carte

Corporate Website

Prior to creating a mobile responsive website for enhanced e-commerce traffic, we did a little research to bone up on consumers impressions regarding the A La Carte loyalty program. What we discovered was that few understood it was a gift card. Even transient cashiers and wait staff were quizzical when presented the card.

We set out to do one critical thing in our branding – make the card the hero! In past marketing, the card was never shown. Now the card is at the forefront of all communications, and as a result, has become a widely recognized icon in the community. Can you imagine Nike never showing their shoes? No way. So why be bashful about the A La Carte card?

The "Reasons" Campaign

Our research also told us that consumers didn't understand how the card could be used, nor the breadth of places where the card was accepted.

As a result, the "Reasons" campaign was born. A whimsical exploration of countless ways and places for consumers to have that “ah ha” moment where the light goes on.
We also coined the phrase “Passport to Portsmouth,” communicating the notion of providing access to countless places. This came to life in a variety of headlines, but our favorite has always been “the passport without the uncomfortable TSA security frisk.” We pretty sure you can appreciate an unencumbered entrance and a friendly smile from the staff.

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