Boeri Helmets

Using our head

It was a time when wearing a ski helmet seemed odd on the slopes. Diehard skiers were still stuck to their wool hats, and companies (like our other client CrazeeHeads) were making helmet “skins” to entice kids into wearing bulky protective gear.

We put our thinking caps on and arrived at a campaign that took the lighter side of a serious subject – protecting your noggin from pesky trees. Why not depict inanimate situations of danger such as the defenseless Easter bunny or unsuspecting dandelion before a stiff wind, juxtaposing those with and without the protection of Boeri.

The campaign consisted of both “juxtaposition” and “lifestyle” ad series. The mouse approaching the dreaded trap always brought a smile to the masses. Of course, we always enjoyed the morning worm who surfaces with its Boeri helmet, poised to greet the early bird.

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