| 27 January 2016

Creative Associates

Congratulations to the Education team at Creative Associates for the highly successful completion of their highly successful SDPP (School Dropout Prevention Pilot) program.

With the support of USAID, Creative used an applied research approach to pilot and test the effectiveness of dropout prevention interventions in four countries; Cambodia, India, Tajikistan and Timor-Leste. We were pleased and honored to be asked to produce a host of print materials as a culmination of their five-year pilot program.

| 13 August 2015

Counterpart International

We’re excited to work with our friends at Counterpart on the fourth consecutive annual report.

Counterpart International is celebrating its 50th anniversary (counterpart.org/50forward). Imagine, fifty years of working with local partners to help them bring lasting solutions to the challenges they face – Challenges we’d never comprehend here in our back yard.

Double-0 is honored to be part of this anniversary celebration in some way AND to align ourselves with an organization that does such tremendous good globally. Thank you Counterpart for your unwaivering confidence in our team here at Double-0.

See the project >

| 27 July 2015

National Pharmaceutical Council

We’re excited to work with the talented men and women at the National Pharmaceutical Council, a health policy research organization dedicated to the advancement of good evidence and science.

Check in soon to see the NPC’s lastest annual report, designed and produced by the creative team at Double-0. We’re hoping NPC loves it.

| 12 May 2015

ArcAngel App

This is pure genious! Congratulations to our friends at Patrocinium Systems on being several generations AHEAD of the national 911 system – And on the launch of their new website.

The ArcAngel app is an amazing safety technology for youth, college students, travelers, business people, commercial tenants and just about any person or organization interesting in protecting their well-being. Anytime. Anywhere.