Greater Baltimore Medical Center

Vision Brochure

One of the leading medical research hospitals in the Country, GBMC’s President had a new vision for healthcare that he needed to communicate with donors, patients, the Board and his entire staff. Dr. Chessare’s team reached out to Double-0 to develop a visionary piece that would get all stakeholders to see the vision, believe in the vision and be able to communicate the vision to others.

The United States currently spends 40 percent more per capita on healthcare than any other country in the world, but satisfaction is low and health outcomes are often no better than countries that spend far less. Our job . . . To communicate how evidence-based medicine and patient-centered care really can be a reality. Imagery and visuals were handpicked to paint this vision of a “new world,” illustrating the four pillars of GBMC’s System of Care; better health, better care, lower costs and more joy. Stories were told of real life situations. Photos of staff administering joy and better care were carefully art directed. And clear, concise, honest messaging was developed to create a piece that constituents would feel proud to be a part of GBMC’s movement.

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