A Fresh Look for a Legacy Technology

This could be one of the most intriguing products we've worked with in decades. Most of our clients are touting new technologies, cutting-edge thinking and new frontiers. In this case, AES-IntelliNet is leveraging an old-school (seemingly outdated) technology to outpace new technologies - Go AES!!!

The technology, you ask, is radio. Here they are in a communications era where VOip and internet are the flavor of the day. It’s these technologies that customers just assume are the most advantageous. But it is radio that is impervious to ever-changing FCC regulations, interrupted internet connections, failed phone lines, and the like.

Our job was to give a contemporary look to a technology that was considered a dinosaur. Visuals, messaging and the brand strategy all worked in concert to instill confidence, clearly stating the advantages of radio. Ultimately, we had to bring the key value proposition to life – Radio is simply immune to any obstacle; government, geography or otherwise.

"Timeless"... Like Jackie O and RadiO (huh?)

Sometime the simplest word can be so eloquent and so telling. “Timeless” is a theme that was a springboard for many print ad campaigns. The “Rest in Peace” campaign happened to be one of our favorites.

In the safety communications arena, trade mags are littered (literally litter) with product shots and “we are the best” statements. We set out to create something different that would stand out in the same old same old. Our creative team landed on the very memorable line, “Radio. From here to eternity.”
What says timeless better than showing all the earlier generations of competing technologies resting peacefully in your local graveyard.

This is just one of many unique print ads we created for AES-IntelliNet. We’d welcome the opportunity to share countless others with you. Give us a ring… Hopefully the phone lines won’t be down.

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