Fashion & Function

The client pulled to up to our first meeting in a black Beemer. She was wearing the latest fashion from Theory - all black. We couldn’t help notice the striking black logo on her business card. We immediately had the brand vision and away we went.

What had been unapparent to others, was quickly evident to Double-0. The answer was right there in the name. ONYX needed to leverage the gem it represented and mature into an all black brand. Our creative team set its sights on designing a classy, sophisticated look of black & white that would suit Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman. Everyone at ONYX quickly embraced the black & white strategy and never looked back. Today they are the benchmark for what is stately, refined, and elegant in local fashion.

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Brand Consistency to a T

Their new corporate website was the beginning of the black theme, paving the way for solid brand identity throughout all future communications.

Next up was developing a strong social media presence to create a dialogue with current and future clientele. Our goal was to establish an unforgettable visual presence, and never, never waiver from the black and white imagery. Through a consistent look and approach, the ONYX brand started to separate itself from the clutter of information coming at people in their social feeds.
The strategy was effective: empower a woman to dream who she can be. We used an entertaining mix of lifestyle shots, celebs wearing ONYX lines, glamour pics, insights, fashion news, provocative imagery, and a general homage to classy ladies we adore.

Consistency is the name of the game. We’ve never looked back and questioned our use of black only. Black defines the sophistication and elegance of the brand and the lines ONYX carries.

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