Bringing an app to life

When Patrocinium Systems approached Double-0 to help launch its new brands (Patrocinium & ArcAngel), needless to say, we were pretty amped. What better than to get in on the ground floor to participate in this revolutionary new product and launch a new brand.

Their core brand, ArcAngel, is a visionary personal safety app that alerts you of any dangers in the nearby area, directs you to safety and even alerts both family and authorities of your status. A technology that would have saved lives in instances such as the Boston Marathon bombing in 2014.

When designing the website, it was paramount that we simplified the sophistication of the product so that its relevance in one’s every day life was easily understood. The challenge put before us was daunting. We had to demonstrate how ArcAngel fit into the lives of college students, global travelers, commercial property owners, governing bodies and international businesses alike. All very different audiences. At the same time, messaging and visual execution had to be uplifting in situations, that quite honestly, can be quite tragic and difficult to face.

Anytime. Anywhere.
Anyone App.

Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone App. A simple brand promise, yet powerfully succinct.

Double-0 developed this value proposition, to readily identify ArcAngel’s key product delivery; the global personal safety tool worked around the clock, across the globe, in any environment, in any building, for all walks of life. That’s right, ArcAngel was watching your safety 24/7/24,860. 24,860? Yes, miles around the globe.

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