Union Station Brewery

Mouth-Watering Headlines

There are times when visuals do the heavy lifting. At other times, really smart copy stops a potential consumer in their tracks and gets them to use their head. Yes, there is a railroad and fresh beer innuendo in that last sentence. We couldn’t resist since we’re trying to make a point about strong copy.

When Union Station Brewery approached Double-0 Marketing to create a series of brand awareness print ads, the goal was simple: Have fun. Instill spirit. And leverage the culture.

So we put our four leaf clover to work and developed a pretty tasty looking series of ads with fun, carefree, playful copy. Thanks Union Station for having fun with us and not taking yourselves to seriously. After all, enjoying beer is not meant to be serious - Brewing it is.

An Ad Sampler

Why stop at the big colorful ads? We kept the brand train rolling with countless small newsprint ads. Below is just the “engine and caboose” - a sampler of beer ads as it were. This series of ads involved car after car of train innuendos.
As you can clearly see from the copy, our messaging played into Providence history, the lure and romance of the railroad’s heyday and the love of beer. Subtle references to history imply that Union Station Brewery was making beer from recipes that were founded in decades of refinement.

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