Repligen Corporation

2019 Annual Report

2019 marked our third installment of designing the annual report for Repligen Corporation. A honor, as always, to be continually invited back. And the ultimate testament to how they feel about our partnership.

When you have a successful, long-standing engagement with a client, the challenge is arriving at a unique design that is a fresh solution. Moreover, developing a look and feel that is bold, engaging, and draws a reader into reading on. Annual reports don't have to be mundane, lifeless and stale. A design that makes a statement will always create conversation and fascination.

Can We Design Your Annual Report?

Double-0 Marketing would certainly be interested in talking to you about your annual report. Perhaps you've been doing the design with in-house people and it needs a fresh perspective? Or your current designer is losing his or her energy to push the envelope for a killer design?"
From our perspective, it never hurts to reach out to an agency such as Double-0 Marketing, and at a minimum, chat about past experiences, costs and ideas regarding your next report. No commitment necessary! Give us fifteen minutes on the phone and we'll share thoughts on how to go to the next level.

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