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At any moment we could be right in the throes of a major catastrophe. What will we do if it erupts? How will we communicate with our families that we are okay? How will we know what is happening and how we can escape the epicenter of the mayhem? How will safety authorities and first responders assist us? Patrocinium Systems figured it all out with their incredible technology. In fact, technology that was the equivalent of 911 systems of the future, still in development stages.

The challenge? Humanizing a sophisticated technology so individuals and institutions would understand how this new tool fit into their daily lives.

Our visual strategy, in this website and in other mediums, was to create what life looks like in a safe world where people can be at peace knowing they have a personal safety system watching over them – anywhere, anytime. Our visuals showed the technology in action amidst one’s typical day, while simplifying the technology to demonstrate the various features it offered.

Keep it Simple

When a company devises an ingenious technology, the inclination is to think from the engineer's perspective. Companies can't resist sharing every nuance, every '0' and '1,' every bell and whistle. When in fact, end users simply want to know what is in it for them and how the technology benefits them. Our added value for Patrocinium was keeping the story simple, ensuring the message focused on consumer/user needs, and avoided the technology pitfall.
A brand message devised by Double-0 and still resonates today is "anyone, anytime, anywhere". This simple notion is an essential value proposition because it clearly states the ubiquitous nature of the technology - Mobile app users and institutions that invested in the network could be ensured that the safety application would be on alert around the clock, no matter where they were.

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