Global Communities

2019 Annual Report

Double-0 was fortunate to collaborate with old friends at Global Communities, designing their 2019 annual report.

Global Communities had been doing the design of their report internally for years. They decided to seek an external party in hopes of achieving one simple goal: Give us a fresh look that will be unique and elevate our story. Our challenge: Create a return on their investment in a new design partner. When it was all said and done, Global Communities' communications team asked us partner on several design initiatives. We look forward to a long-lasting engagement.

A Sustainable Partnership

There is a quote from the President and CEO, David Weiss. It reads, "When we work with local leaders and community partners, the journey toward improved lives and livelihoods is their journey; we just help to lay forth the road map and provide the technical assistance."
When it come to the end design of the annual report, we hope our inspiration laid forth the road map to a future brand standard, visual execution and design sensibility. Working with the leaders of Global Communities was an inspiration for our team Thank you Global Communities.

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