First Ipswich Bank

Face Time Campaign

Real people. Real stories. Real situations. That’s what we love about the “Face Time” campaign created for this historical community bank. And it’s what we have always enjoyed about First Ipswich Bank and their willingness to brave the elements with us.

Bank employees and the production crew stood off to the sidelines, howling as the Bank President sank up to his calves in the Ipswich clam flats. But that’s what makes this campaign authentic - The antithesis to traditional financial marketing. The Bank graciously agreed to use real employees, real clients, in real situations, all to emphasis a major philosophy behind what makes the Bank special - Being out in the community with their customers and being responsive to a client’s needs. All too often, community banks fall prey to the safe, generic “happy family” photo, with little to say or differentiate their brand. Not First Ipswich! They wanted to break out of what we call the “community bank mold” and create a unique advertising message. Congratulations to our friends at First Ipswich.

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