Corporate Website - Viva Brazo!

We wanted to create something unlike any other restaurant website. With Brazo, we wanted to create a visual escape that depicted the vibe, pulse and culture of Latin America. After all, this was no ordinary culinary experience. We dove into South American, Latin American and Cuban travel guides to appreciate what it was like to live in these regions. In time, we understood the style of imagery that captured the essence of life in far away Latin worlds.

With this knowledge of real life in Spanish-speaking cultures, wet set out to design a website that felt like environmental images were the aperitivos, lifestyle shots were the entrantes (entree), food shots were the postres (dessert) and interior shots of the restaurant were the cocteles (after dinner spirits). And of course, the site's color palette uses a wealth of warm Latin tones comprised of burnt umber, rich sangria red, equator yellow and persimmon. Buenísimo!

Design with a Vibe.

When someone comes to the website, they can expect the unexpected. Rather than find the usual food shots, the site is peppered with shots of street life, musicians, big ol' Cuban cigars, wall art, dancing and "ja ja ja" (joviality and happiness) as it is described by our Southern friends.
The cherry on top...We discovered a rare street art on the roof of Brazo. Street art, of course, is essential to Latin culture. Up we went, scaling walls with heavy photography gear to shoot Athena and Angel dancing on the rooftop in front of our fantastic find. Ay caramba!

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